Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Street-art on tuesday

Here are a few nice pieces of Street-art.
Small pics, printed or drawn on sticker-paper.

A brushing machine

This guy looks a bit..., well 'Sick'!

Nice puppy!

Another piece of 'Royalty'...

For some reason somebody sprayed a small map of the country we live in on the wall...

Monday, 30 March 2009

Hello everybody!

Hello everybody! As you already might have noticed, my name is Coco. Coco Calavera. I live in Groningen together with a huge amount of other animals and my owners.

I recently arrived here and Sullivan McPig told me he really enjoyed posting nice adventures on his Blog (The Life and Travels of Sullivan McPig), so I asked him how to start a Blog and here it is! I hope you all enjoy it. I certainly will!!!

A picture of Sullivan (left) and me (right) in the sun.

Enjoying the sun after weeks of gloom, doom and lots of rain.

Here I am with some orange guy I met at the postoffice. He told me he works for some kind of bank.

And here you go! Coco and Calavera!

This afternoon we took a nice walk into the countryside.

Sullivan and his owner show me how they take their super pics.

I love all kinds of texture and odd things I find on the street.
Look at this beautiful leaf, almost disolved into the ground.

Here I am roosting on the bike of my owner.