Monday, 30 March 2009

Hello everybody!

Hello everybody! As you already might have noticed, my name is Coco. Coco Calavera. I live in Groningen together with a huge amount of other animals and my owners.

I recently arrived here and Sullivan McPig told me he really enjoyed posting nice adventures on his Blog (The Life and Travels of Sullivan McPig), so I asked him how to start a Blog and here it is! I hope you all enjoy it. I certainly will!!!

A picture of Sullivan (left) and me (right) in the sun.

Enjoying the sun after weeks of gloom, doom and lots of rain.

Here I am with some orange guy I met at the postoffice. He told me he works for some kind of bank.

And here you go! Coco and Calavera!

This afternoon we took a nice walk into the countryside.

Sullivan and his owner show me how they take their super pics.

I love all kinds of texture and odd things I find on the street.
Look at this beautiful leaf, almost disolved into the ground.

Here I am roosting on the bike of my owner.


  1. Hi Coco. My name is Eve, nice to meet you. I heard about your blog through your housemate Sullivan. I look forward to reading your blog. ^_^

  2. Hi Eve! Thanx for joining. [-D
    Sullivan already told my owner about your blogs and he has been visiting them. I'll start reading them too.

  3. Just wanted to throw in this was a very good 1st post Coco. I especially like the pic of you & Calavera (I'm a skull fanatic!) and the leaf that is almost completely dissolved into the ground. Nature is quite cool sometimes!

  4. Hi Eve! I like the skull as well! My nickname isn't Calavera for nothing. [-D
    I try to look for nature items that are related to urban life. Nature pushed aside by culture, or nature regaining ground.
    Now spring is here, I hope to make some good regaining pics.

  5. Nice to meet you Coco!! I look forward to reading more about you and your travels as I do Sullivan. His cousin Moira is coming to live with me soon (she is on her way!!) and I can't wait to show her what Canada has to offer!

  6. Urok Burok said:

    Wow! Hi Coco. My name is Urok Burok a very old dwarf, living somewhere in Drenthe. I am always very busy. But sometimes I should like to meet persons like you. I should like to and take part on your mysterious trips in Groningen
    and surroundings. Therefore I will follow you
    on your adventures...

  7. Hi Marie and Urok!