Sunday, 30 August 2009


Hi! Few days ago my owner could get away from work for a few hours and we went to 'Noorderzon' (Northern sun) a summer fair with theater, art, food, lights, music, etc.
Here are some pics:

I really was impressed by this giant fluffy heart! A machine made it pound. It was called 'pace-maker'.

All over the terrain (which is a lovely park) there are shipping containers, transformed into shops, bars, theaters and so on. Here I am inside one. I like all the old lamps. The light is soft and warm...

Me on the counter of one of the shops. Again with a lovely lamp.

This container was the setting of an interactive theatershow. It was called 'Spoor' (railway) and was very exiting!

Yes! More lamps, lanterns this time. Gorgeous light in the night between the trees.

And before we went home we bought some candy! I got a 'dropbal' (licorice ball). It is almost as big as me!!! Will have to lick and chew for weeks... :D

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Various things I found last couple of weeks

In this post I want to show some of the stuff I found in the time before my owner got entranched in loads of work (hereby my apologies to all of the people I follow and that follow me for not posting or commenting - long workdays behind the screen take away the energy to blog - Eric, Coco's owner).

The stuff is quite diverse.
Anyway, here we go!

Here I stand in front of a funny wall. It's entirely made out of glass blocks. I like the colour and shape. Must be nice inside when the sun shines through.

Giant cheeseslicer (cheesegrater?) on the front of a shop. Nice spraypainted art! :D

Strong icon. Some womens movement thing. Not for me, but I like the shape.

'The Crowbar' - a Rock-n-roll pub for motorcycle fans - nice wordjoke! I missed the tools though...

Here someone really didn't want to get any spam or junkmail anymore! On the sticker it says: 'Geen ongeadresseerde handelsreclame' (No unaddresses junkmail). :D

More tools! Nicely done!

Strange word: 'Frats' - In Dutch it doesn't mean anything. But it sounds funny.

Beautiful weathered texture... Hmmm...

I always admire the will and energy to grow in plants. Nature reclaims the city! A plant growing on the wall.

More green stuff (algae?) covering and slowly digesting the stones and morter of the buidings it clings to.

Loads of texture here.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

On the road again!

Today my owner finished another project, nicely before the deadline.
So we could make a trip. And the four of us went walking. Making our favourite tour.
To Garnwerd! Usually there aren't that many Coco-like pics to make, but today I found some nice things to show.

Beautiful blue sky, white fluffy clouds (small!), yellow cornstubbles and... ME! :D

My beak fits nicely into this U on this signpost.

The 'Fietspomp' gang strikes again! On our trips we find these handmade stickers on several places far apart...
This one says 'Prof. Dr. Ing. Fietspomp' (Professor Doctor Engineer Bicyclepump)... Very weird! Can you say bicyclepump? Or should one use something else?

This one I like very much! Small roadsigns that had the same colour as my body! All along the route somebody had posted these signs. A kind of scavengerhunt?

On a part of the route we walked along a path where mostly cars race past. Sometimes that goes wrong...

Another pic of this broken mirror. Through the looking glass... 'Not with your head first dummy!!!' :D

In Garnwerd we were close to an old church. On the churchyard there were lots of tombstones. All too big for me. But this one is quite the size. To sit on, that is! Hope to stay here for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time!!! I think it is a sign for the firebrigade, where to find the places the hydrants are hidden.

Red feet on yellow rooftiles! Funny huh!?

Me! Head in the wind, flapping feathers. I love this weather!!! :)

Monday, 17 August 2009

Beautiful evening colours, a sign, wood, light, killer-cow and Pieterpad

Hi! Today I will show not so much things of the 'objet-trouvé' kind.
I have some nice pics of the walk we made yesterday and some pics for Hammie.

Yesterday we made a lovely walk in the last rays of day. Very nice colours! We found this sign, I really liked it! So warm! They make me stand out very well! Vain? Me?? No way!... (or am I...)

The sign again. It shows a cute dog-pic. Looks like Bibi after shaving! Don't you think Eve? :D

Had to climb it!

On top! Nice view into the sunset... Hmmm...

Next to the sign there was a wooden bridge. I love the patern of wood. Specially when it is withered and green with algae. Great texture.

And here is the pic Sullivan talked about: The 'Killer-cow'! Very scary! Man she was very loud and definitely up to no good! Frightning... We were very lucky that there was a fence. Otherwise she might have eaten us alive! Specially me, for I'm greenish... Brrr!

A bit further there was this lil village... Actually it's just three farms. But at the entrance of one of them there are these weird porchlights. And the sun was shining through. So beautiful...

And these last three pics are for you Hammie! I read that you and your owner are walking the Pieterpad (St.Peter path -> From the village of Pieterburen in the North to the Pietersberg in the south of the Netherlands). A very nice route! It almost comes through our street. This picture shows the path crossing our street. See if you can recognize this place if you pass it!?

If you go out on the route, you shouldn't go this way...

But this way!!! It will be very hard to find these two places. Hint: it's very near to water, close to a bridge and not far from Groningen. See if you succeed! :)

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Fishliver oil, arrows (final), two birds, roadsign and a flower

More strange stuff today. There are so many good things to see when you start looking around!

Like this one. A sticker with a kids wobbly thing, the text saying 'Fishliveroil' (for the site - a site reviewing all kinds of things).

And the last pic in the arrows section. I found out where they were pointing to! It happened to be a trail leading to a students fraternity. Not for birds like me... But a fun way to make people curious!

This little bird (is it a pigeon?) was one of many. They were all over the place. Bringing peace? Or just having fun. :)

This giant bird I found on a large industrial and business area where my owner had a meeting. In some way I like it... Reminds me of art that was all over the place on buildings made from the sixties onward. It makes an impression anyway.

And than this roadsign. Lovely! Pointing to... uhm... 'c'? Or has c to go that way? Or what?

And last but not least, an angry flower! No idea why it is there or what it is for. But I like it!!!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Vehicle stickers, eyes, tools, arrows and something sweet

Today I show you some more funny and strange pics I made.

This one is really great!!! A cool sticker of an old type of tractor! Coloured, painted, spraypainted and all! Great fun.

Another vehicle, a car this time, going down-hill! Well, down the stairs anyway. The word beneath it says 'staircase'.

And I found some more 'eyes'. Just like the ones on the streetlight I showed before. Very funny and weird... These are stuck to an electicity-box (no idea what the regular word for it is in English). The text under it says (no surprise here): 'High voltage - Danger'.

More eyes. On a wall this time. Barely visible. Someone tried to cover it with a new paintjob, but was no expert painter. Markers always come through layers of paint unless you use a special base coating. Looks cool though. A face shimmering through the paint.

Very funny sticker of a Swiss army knive with strange 'tools' sticking out. I see a boot, a hand with flowers, a book and a megaphone...

And here are some more arrows... Where are they leading???

Isn't this sweet? On a bench on the far edge of town, with a great view over the meadows and in the last light of a setting sun... Lovely done... Wonder weither 'Mar' knows that 'Baz' loves her... I hope so!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

A face, a flag, an arrow, nice view and a tile (again!)

Yesterday my owner finished one of his work-projects, so today I gently pressed him to relax a bit and spend some quality-time with his favourite bird. Me, that is!
We went for a short tour through the town and took a lot of new pics.
Here are a few of them.

First we found this face. Someone painted it on paper and stuck it to the wall. It really stood out against the blue sky. Briljant work!

I really like this one. The way the woman stands is nicely done I think. I guess it is done by some antifa movement. They use the red and black anarchists flag.

In several places I saw this arrow... What is it for? They are quite new. I'll show you more another day.

Such a nice view. Sun, clouds, and a motorway flyover in contrast!

Here is another one of that tile I posted before! It says: "Drinking halves your life, but you see twice as much" Funny!

Another pic of the tile, together with the toiletroll.