Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!!!
Yesterdayevening Sullivan, our owners and I finally were allowed to open the presents that we got!

Me and Beanies golden present.

Inside there was a lovely bag with flowers on it!

And inside the bag were lots of coins with a little eye, so you can attach them to something, and a real English penny!

Beside that, I got my own blanket! What a great gift!!! Thanx a lot Beanie!

I curled up in my own bag, on my own blanket, looking up at our Christmas tree...

And I wish you all a Ho Ho Ho X-mass!!! Thanx for the lovely card Hammie and G.!!!

Monday, 14 December 2009

A Christmas Present from Beanie

Hello Everybody!

Today there was a package for me in the mail!

Not only was my name on it, it also was featherpost!

It was a card and present from Beanie.

The present is for putting under the Christmas tree and I can not open it until Christmas. I wonder what's in it.

This is the card that Beanie send me. I think it's very beautiful.

Beanie put a Christmas greeting inside the card. I let my owner pin the card on the wall with our other Christmas cards so I can see it everyday.

The present is now under the tree together with the present that Beanie send to Sullivan.

Thank you Beanie! We hope to get you a Christmas present in time for Christmas too!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A package from Hammie

Hi everybody!
Long time no blog, but my owner has been very busy so no time to help me with my blog. But today there was a really cool package from Hammie so I just had to blog about that.

It was for me, Sullivan and our owners as one of us (I think it was Sullivan) had been the 1000th visitor to Hammie's blog.

We opened the package together with Angus and Domo. There was a card with the package that explained which of the things in the package were for each one of us.

This pig called Babs was one of the first things (or should I say: animals) that we saw when opening the package.

Look what I got!

It's a bird that gives light! Isn't that cool?!

Well, hello! What is that?
Hammie also send us a frog and it stuck it's tongue out to me.

We also got Sinterklaas candy: eggshaped Sinterklaas chocolate, ball shaped Zwarte Piet chocolate and multicoloured chocolate covered kruidnoten. Yum!

There were also balloons in the package and I got to play with this flower that Sullivan's owner made out of them.

Balloon art!

The red flower didn't stay attached to the green balloon, so I used the green balloon as a swing after that.

What a great package! Thanks Hammie!