Tuesday, 19 May 2009

It has been a while...

Hello! It has been a while. My owner has been plagued by illness and workstress... So he couldn't take me out to search for new stuff. Too tired to post and read all your blogs. Sorry!

But here is a new pic now!

An "R" on a rainpipe. Funny! But why???
We'll never know...


  1. Glad your owner is feeling a bit better. He (as well as you Coco!) were very missed.

    It is curious to wonder why people put certain street art where they do???....hmmmm....

  2. Hi Eve! Thanx for your nice comment. Happy to know that you keep on following my views.

    I think some streetart is put in the more remote corners because the performers don't want to attract too much negative attention. Most people have no problem with a small R on a drain. :)