Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!!!
Yesterdayevening Sullivan, our owners and I finally were allowed to open the presents that we got!

Me and Beanies golden present.

Inside there was a lovely bag with flowers on it!

And inside the bag were lots of coins with a little eye, so you can attach them to something, and a real English penny!

Beside that, I got my own blanket! What a great gift!!! Thanx a lot Beanie!

I curled up in my own bag, on my own blanket, looking up at our Christmas tree...

And I wish you all a Ho Ho Ho X-mass!!! Thanx for the lovely card Hammie and G.!!!


  1. Now we all got our own safetyblankets! (we should organise a pyjamaparty ;-)!). And here you could hear Hahaha instead of Hohoho! So funny: you and our christmascard! Hope you had a nice first Christmasday! I opened my present from Beanie this morning and made a post about it too!

  2. Yep! We're all warm and cosy! We had (and have) a very nice and relaxing Christmas. Wonderful! I hope your holiday is great as well!

  3. A PYJAMA PARTY!!! What a brilliant idea!! Oh I hope we get to do that one day!!! So glad you liked your presents!!

  4. We certainly do Beanie! THANX!!! :D

  5. Thanks for the funny New Years card! We really like the cartoon/drawing!

  6. Hello again!! You got a present at my blog!! Come and get it!