Monday, 14 December 2009

A Christmas Present from Beanie

Hello Everybody!

Today there was a package for me in the mail!

Not only was my name on it, it also was featherpost!

It was a card and present from Beanie.

The present is for putting under the Christmas tree and I can not open it until Christmas. I wonder what's in it.

This is the card that Beanie send me. I think it's very beautiful.

Beanie put a Christmas greeting inside the card. I let my owner pin the card on the wall with our other Christmas cards so I can see it everyday.

The present is now under the tree together with the present that Beanie send to Sullivan.

Thank you Beanie! We hope to get you a Christmas present in time for Christmas too!


  1. That looks like a very nice present-- it also looks very pretty underneath your tree! I hope it's something great!

  2. Pleasure!! Hope you like it, too!!! I'm getting excited now....!!

  3. Wow! You've got a Beanie present too!!! I like that!!! Are you as curious as I am Coco??? Today I recieved the package you and Sullivan have sent me! I got all excited about it! You couldn't see it because I'm red but my cheeks were as red as G.'s cheeks when we looked wat was inside! THANK YOU!!!! We love our presents!!!