Friday, 31 July 2009

Woodpatern-sticker-guy & eyes-on-a-streetlight

Today I have two new weird street-pics for you.

These eyes I found on a streetlight. Cool idea. But why?

This guy Sullivan found for me.
He's made of woodpaterned-sticker material. Funny!


  1. Hello Coco! Today we visited Groningen again and we also saw this sticker! Funny that we three (you, Sullivan and me) look at the same things! In a city like Groningen it's not easy to find a little sticker like that! Greetings, Hammie

  2. Hi Hammie and Gea! It is very nice to read that there is another plush animal at work on it's own blog. And from Groningen as well.
    You've found the sticker! Funny isn't it?
    Thanx for the comment! :D