Saturday, 1 August 2009

A hare and NP3

Not far from where we live, there is a restaurant/bar called 'De Groene Weide' (The Green Meadow). On the doors next to it someone painted two hares. One is playing a flute and the other plays a drum. This refers to a dutch childrens song about two hares and a hunter. Anyway, here is one hare.

See! It plays the flute! :D

When we went to the center of the city, I found these letters on a wall...

Probably some business. But what is it all about??? Shouldn't it be 'M'p3? Fishy...


  1. Hello Coco!

    The painting of the hare reminds me of the sticker of 2 rats that we saw in Oostende. If you look at mij blog you'll find the rats in the blog about "bordjes met boodschappen". Funny that we see the same things!
    Have a nice weekend!


  2. Hi Hammie!

    Thanx for your comment. :)
    I took a peek at the rats and they indeed are similar in style! Funny!
    Maybe we are trained in looking around because of the profession of our owners?
    My owner makes illustrations, cartoons and other drawn, painted, designed or photographed stuff.

  3. Hello Coco!

    My owner does the drawing and making photo's in the time she's free. She likes to draw mandala's and drawings at the blackboard at her * (still aren't allowed to use that word, not even in English). She takes photographs sinds she was 15, and she's 40 sinds june this year, so she had a lot of practise! She told me to tell you that she realy enjoys this writing messages to you and Sullivan and blogging on our blogs!

  4. Hi Hammie!

    I had the impression that maybe G. was an artist or designer too. You guys make nice pictures! Practice makes perfect. :D
    That * really makes me curious... Hmmm...
    My owner and I also like to read your blogs and we try to post and comment too, but my owner is very busy these days... So I have too beg and beg to get behind the machine... -sigh-