Thursday, 2 April 2009

Funny animals, a tooth and more stuff

Hmmm... No comment.

Here you see a picture of a very good tasting beer! It isn't called 'The best beer in the world' for nothing. And beer that gives you visions of pink elephants must be great!!! [-D

This mask defenitely has something sticking to it...

When I see a pic like this, I'm glad birds have beaks.
No teeth that is! Funny way to advertise though.

Slightly intimidating. Probably a pic to make us aware of the child-soldier problem...
Sad... 'Make pics! Not war!' :=)

Some children really took some time to make a drawing.
Looks great!


  1. All very cool pics. That tooth is a funny was to advertise. :) I really like the picture of the elephant & what you said about it, ha ha. I also like the name Delirium a lot! Again, you guys have some cool stuff found on your not like that over in this area. :(
    Have a good weekend!~

  2. Our town isn't all that big compared to the large cities in the USA. Just under 200.000 inhabitants. But a lot of them are students at the University. And there is quite a lively youth culture. So lots of street thingies! [-)
    You live in Detroit, right? There must be some stuff around there too. Maybe in the center?
    Good weekend to you too!

  3. Well, technically I live in the suburbs of Detroit, not downtown. I'm sure there is some cool stuff there-I've found really cool OBEY stuff in the past. I don't go downtown often (usually for concerts, etc...). But there's a big university there so maybe if I'm walking around one day (in the daytime), I'll have to take a look at the street art. :}

  4. How far is it for you to downtown Detroit?
    It would be nice if you could find some street thingies. :-)