Friday, 3 April 2009

More street-art and a skeleton

Today I found this guy. A nice orange sticker of a raccoon!

Hmmm... Not very nice. But it was sprayed next to a Mc.Donalds restaurant.
I get the idea!

Look! When I visited a friend, I met this nice fellow!

Woohoo! Monkey! But what is he doin!? Torching something?
Burning Babylon? Bit far away.


  1. I like that "Eat the Rich" spray paint actually, very clever. Ooo, that skeleton is so cool. I'm getting a new lil' skeleton soon...I think he'll arrive next week (I think his name is Skull Boy). Make sure to check my Goth Blog for that. :)

    I did a couple "words spray painted" paintings a while back...if I can find the links (on either of my blogs), I'll send 'em to you to see what ya think!
    Take care~

  2. OK, that didn't take long-glad I labeled things right! Actually this is a good link because you can see the 1st skull I ever painted too.

  3. I checked it out. Nice 'Calavera'.

  4. At first I thoughy the raccoon was a fox...
    Stupid of me... Funny was the black bird with
    the yallow eyes.. Vere impressive the stern
    looking bird on the bridge. I am astonished so
    much interesting things you can find, Coco, on
    your roaming the town and surroundings...

  5. Yes, there is a lot to see, if you start looking for it. Like I read in a dutch version of Dr.Zeuss 'Elke dag, zon of regen, kom je leuke dingen tegen' (Every day, sun or rain, you find nice things)