Saturday, 4 April 2009

Stern looking bird and that raccoon again

On a bridge we found this stern looking bird... looks kinda scary, almost nazistic.
But it happens to be the code of arms of our city.
Made in a time that it wasn't connected to nazism (pre-ww2).

He! Here is that raccoon again! Now it's blue-black...
Wonder what he stands for.

And the red guy is a piece I've seen quite a lot over the last years. Now-a-days it's not that common anymore... Maybe I can find more of them.


  1. The stern looking bird is really cool looking. I also like the red guy-he's neat looking! Yeah, try to find more if you can.

    Thanks for your comments! Ooo, I like the skullman in Fandango-I think I can paint that (looks more simple cuz I can't paint realistic). Thanks for saying my Skull painting looks Mexican (I love Day of the Dead). I didn't understand what you meant by it looking like a "grey-one" though. Could you tell me what you meant? Thanks!

  2. Thanx for the comment!
    You must paint because you like to paint and make the things that are coming from you. Too many people think they shouldn't paint or draw because they can't do exactly the same trick other people can.
    With 'grey-one' I meant the familiar alien head. In the stories from presumably abducted people they describe them as being grey. Hence 'grey-one'.

  3. O.K. I get it now. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Yes, I do like to paint. And I love skulls so I can't believe I never tried making one sooner. Funny thing is with that painting, I didn't know how to feel about it because it was my first try & all I was thinking was "alien-ish" & that no one would like it. And oddly enough, more peeps than I thought do like it! Funny.

    Yes, I don't like it when peeps say I can't paint/draw etc...anyone can I think. It's just that everyone has their own style!