Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Small art and resistant flora

Spring is in the air! That is what this nice dandelion must have felt when it came up through the cracks in the pavement. Few more days and it will bloom.

Wooow! Paper airplane... Hmmm!

Intrigueing guy... Wonder why his head is on walls all over our town...

OOH! I really love this small angel! Or is it a devil?


  1. It's a devil-angel! Yeah, what is up with that guys face being all over the place? I'd be curious to know more about that.
    (Sounds a bit similar to something in downtown Detroit. An artist who did an interesting HUGE piece of art called the Heidelberg Project, puts up BIG polka dots-all colors-around the city...his name is Tyree Guyton. Check him out if you can!)

  2. Oh, my fave street artist is Shepard Fairey. I love OBEY. I have shirts, stickers, buttons, and one of his books. His street art can be found downtown at times also. His website is

    He started off in the skateboarding community back in the 80's. And I love everything about skateboard culture though I definitely couldn't skateboard to save my life. (Yet I did work in a skate shop one summer!)

  3. The Heidelberg Project... I first thought it might be connected to the German town. But when I looked it up, I saw it originated in Detroit on Heidelberg street. Very nice all those dots all over the place. The pics I find here aren't sprayed in such a multitude. Every now and then I spot one.

    I noticed the OBEY pics on your site. Didn't Sullivan make one of himself aswell?
    Ooh! Skateboarding! I would like to... But unfortunately I'm too small... -sigh-