Sunday, 5 April 2009

A walk around the countryside

Today we had a quiet day. Relaxing between the flowers and taking a walk around the countryside. Hmmm...

I found a few things I like though. Like this nice old roadsign.

Bird meets bird. Funny home-made wobbly-thingie.


In the afternoon we found a couple of wooden chairs behind a medieval church. Lovely seat in the sun.

And here is some resistant flora again, slowly working it's way through the stone. For more pics of our trip, visit Sullivan's Blog.


  1. The flowers look so pretty. Sounds like you guys had fun. Bird meets bird, funny. What was in that store? Or maybe I should just check out Sullivan's blog for the answer.
    Take care & have a good week Coco!

  2. Hi Eve!
    It was a nice walk. Lovely weather, beautiful surroundings. No idea what was in the store... More home-made stuff I guess. We didn't go in.
    But we like the bird :-D
    Have a good week aswell!