Saturday, 26 September 2009

Amazing Asian Items! And I found Hammie's art.

Today Sullivan, our owners and I went to a fun place called 'Amazing Oriental Warehouse'. All the stuff you need to make an oriental dish.
Here are some funny things I encountered.

They had these bottles with a bulldog on it. Funny picture. It was some kind of soy-bean sauce. Without dogs, I hope!

This one is really puzzling! It is a plastic mayonaise bottle (as you can see on the board under it) but it has a picture of a baby on it!? What is going on here? Do they make mayonaise out of babies, or do they use the sauce to rub on lil children? Weird...

Spam, spam, SPAM! Wunderful spam!. :D

I really like the sketchy bird on this mortar...

Look Hammie!!! I found the pic of this funny guy! Yaaaaay! But I still cannot find the ZOZ-buidling... Exiting picture hunt! ;D

On the same wall there were these pictures of musical women.



  1. Congratulations! You're a real good detective! If I tell you the hints for the ZOZ buidling the other way around perhaps it is easier? You go to the cartoon museum, there you see a big store with TV's Video's etcetera. You walk towards that shop and turn with the road to the left and then you see the artists shop. You walk by (or stop and buy nice things to make art with ;-)!). When you go around the corner you walk beside the canal and you pass the ZOZ building (on your left side because at the right side is the canal)

  2. When we made our picture it was the only drawing on that fence! The bird on the mortar is nice, I like things that are like sketches! Did you enjoy your Oriental meal?

  3. The musical women are really cool! I would question that mayonaisse bottle too. That's really funny though. I'm sure it doesn't make any sense but that's what makes it cool!

  4. Thanx for the comments! :D
    @Hammie -> The funny guy was easy to find. But I have been exactly where you guided me to... I rode past that place twice! Boohoo... >snif<
    I will have to look again.
    Yay! :D Hihi!
    Our meal was delicious!!! C. really did a great job. I made cucumber-salad. :)
    @Eve -> Funny spray-work isn't it? I agree, it is fun because it doesn't make sense.

  5. I surched at google maps to see if I told you the right directions, think I did! The ZOZ painting isn't at the front of the building when it's on your right, you can read it on a little sign by the door. Because the building is the cornerbuilding the letters are "around the corner". The name of the street the letters are is a name with the buildings with 4 arms that turn around because of the wind what everybody knows about Holland...(first part of the name) and an old? Dutch word for small street.... If I tell you more it's no longer a picture hunt! Good luck!

  6. @Hammie -> Okay! I should be able to locate the place by now. I will go look again. :D