Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dalai Lama and some more random finds

Some new and some older pics.
"Elke dag, zon of regen, kom je leuke dingen tegen!"

This guy looks a bit like the Dalai Lama doesn't he?

Here I found a stick that was put in this concrete pole, in the middle of nowhere. I love such finds. :)

Hihi! A piggy-bank-piggy. For Sullivan. It looks so funny.

This is a lovely piece of street-art. I really like it. Why? Well... It is not in screaming colours, it is gone in a few months time (I think), it is simple, but it has quite a strong expression.

Here is this man again... Is it the Dalai Lama?...

And here is another buddhist monk. Wonder why they are stuck on these rainpipes...


  1. Looks like the Dalai Lama! Perhaps someone wanted to share some peace instead of some agressive words? I wonder about things like that stick in a conrete pole too! I like thinks that start making up stories in my head!

  2. Maybe they don't get much rain where they live??

  3. I love the piggybank picture! Thanks

  4. Thanx for the nice comments!
    @Hammie -> I hope so! There are so many agressive things around already. Surreal things, scenes or occurances are fun! They make you think and wonder in a weird and fun way. :D
    @Beanie -> Yes! That must be it! Hadn't looked at it that way yet. Haha! :D
    @Sullivan -> You're so welcome!

  5. Great finds Coco. Again, we don't have much street art around here so I always love seeing what's around you!