Monday, 21 September 2009

WOOOOHOOOOO! I found art in my mailbox!

It has been quite a while since my owner found time to help me post on my blog. But today he just had to! No way out! (haha!) 'Cause today I got a magnificent piece of 'found-art'! It is so wonderful, we had to post directly. It is sent to me by Beanie Mouse who also has his own blog, called found-art. Beanie and Andrea make art out of objects they find and then they lose it again, so other people can find it! And if you find lost-art, it gets found-art and you can tell Beanie where you found it. Great fun!!!

Look! I got a flip-flop by mail!!! It is great! Here I am enjoying the perfect fit. But of course it's not meant to be worn anymore.

I really love it! It must be fun as well to take it to the sea and surf on it! :D

The flip-flop (in Dutch it's called 'slipper', don't ask me why...) has a beautiful picture of a bird on it. I think it looks like me! Everybody can see that it is mine. :)

It also has a flower on the straps. Most remarkable, cause it was send the way it is. No envelope or wrap! And the flower is still on. The mailmen must have been very surprised.

See? 'MY' flip-flop! Not my owners, it's mine! All mine! (hihi)

And Beanie mouse made it! THANX! Thanx very much Beanie! I have been finding art myself, so soon you can find art in your mailbox too.


  1. That is so cool Coco. Lost & found ART is really interesting. How nice of Beanie to send it to you!

  2. WOW!!! You've got mail too, and very special mail! I saw the flip-flop at Beanie's blog, and now you have it! I already said to Sullvan: We are so lucky to recieve nice mail like that! Enjoy your very own flip-flop Coco! And perhaps next time you go to Schiermonnikoog you can try to surf on it! (Don't forget to take some pictures if you realy try, because I'm sure the others of our blogging friends would like to see that!!!:-)! ) Nice to read your story again...

  3. YAAAYYY!! It got there!!! Coco has his Very Own Smurf Board!!! This was the 100th item to get Officially Found on my blog!

  4. Thanx for your nice comments!
    It's good to see that you follow my blog even though my posting is highly irregular.
    Thanx. :)

    @Eve -> Yes! Beanie's site is great fun. It is a briliant idea to 'lose' art and let people find it again. I realy love it. :D

    @Hammie -> The flip-flop mail indeed is very special. Very funny that one can send it by mail. And when I take it to the sea I'll defenitely post some pics.

    @Beanie -> The 100th item! That makes it even more special!!! Keep watching your mailbox. One day something will... well, you'll see!