Tuesday, 22 September 2009

New stickers, stock-skulls, eyes (yes, again!), a leaf and tarmac

Today I got some blog-time! Here are some pictures I made earlier, but didn't have the time to post.

On this rainpipe I found a lovely skull sticker. Cool huh!? Somebody even cracked his dome! :D

More hidden treasure. Like the title from a Calvin and Hobbes comicbook "There is treasure everywhere". A funny looking animal-thingie-sticker!

Together with Sullivan I found this stock of skulls. This one has very large teeth!

Rodents galore! :D

In a small side-alley I found more eyes! So nice... Love them!!!

This leaf I saw when we were walking. It is almost gone, soon it will vanish. Beautiful.

And here is a pic of me testing some crispy fresh tarmac. Not that I like all the new roads people are creating everywhere, but I wanted to show the nice texture. And this was new tarmac on an old road. :)


  1. Love the eyes! The tarmac looks a little bit like black rice crackers ;-)! Did you see the funny drawing we saw in Groningen at my blog? It's in the post named: Vogelfiets, doedelzakmuziek en kunstenaarsbenodigdheden. Think you'll like it!

  2. Yes! Nice eyes. And tarmac from up-close does look like black ricecrackers! :D
    Thanx for posting the nice pictures. I have looked them up. Very nice!

  3. Love the skulls-wow, that's a lot to look at. I would love to see those in person! Very cool. I like the eyes also. And of course the last pic of you Coco!

    Take care~

  4. The drawing at the fence is in the biggest shopping street from Groningen, G. doesn't like that street for shopping anymore, because all the shops that are in that street are in all other cities too... The ZOZ building is at the backside of the store that sells the things artists need and that store is at the other side of the road from a big tv/radio/video selling store and that store is close to the cartoonmuseum..... HAHAHA! Curious if you find them!

  5. We saw Skulls in London once... at the Natural History Museum!! It's on my blog under the "trip" label, but you'll have to go hunting for the pictures!! There's messages for you on my blog after your recent comments!

  6. Thanx for the commenst!
    @Eve -> The skulls are in a nice shop that sells all kind of weird and antiquity stuff. Lovely to look at.
    @Hammie -> No, that street is all about the bad side of our economy... Buy, buy, BUY! But the picture shows that there are nice things to find there as well! :)
    @Beanie -> Oh! Thanx! I'll go take a look.