Friday, 25 September 2009

I got mail! Again!!!

I got mail! Just like Sullivan.
Hammie and G. send me a postcard. A very nice one aswell!
With lots of pics from their hometown 'Stadskanaal' (Directly translated=> 'Citycanal', it is the canal made by or leading to 'Stad' (the city) and thats the name for Groningen in the 'Ommelanden' (the surrounding province).

Hmmm... Pictures!


See!? It is mailed to ME! Coco... Hmmm... Thanx Hammie!


  1. How sweet of Hammie. I love mail...especially postcards! :)

  2. Haha, is that a hint Eve??? Perhaps one day.... :-) Happy that you like it Coco! Perhaps you'll be surprised of my post today it's about an animal you have too, (but in a different way and in a different colour) CURIOUS??? Have a look! :-)!

  3. How exciting!! Isn't it brilliant that people send us mail addressed to US and not the person we live with!!

  4. Thanx for the comments!
    It indeed is very nice to get personal post. :)
    @Eve -> Postcards are the best!
    @Hammie -> I saw your post! You saved a Hedgehog! You are so lucky. A hedgehog in the house brings luck and merryment. :D
    @Beanie -> So it is! I am working on something special for you. Art made out of found items. Hihi!