Thursday, 24 September 2009

More stickers, an arrow, funny cat and a scary peep-hole...

Hi all!
Again some more stuff I want to show.

First there is this sticker of a winged-rocket-robot-guy! Very nice. He even has antennae! Looks happy.

And this one I found for you Eve, look! It's Emily! :D

One of the bicycle-pump stickers. It says: 'I ride, you pump'. Funny!

Another arrow. Indicating that one has to go that way... But the thing is, there was no other way! Typical oversigning. We love that in the Netherlands.

Ooh! Ooh! One of my favourites!!! Don't you just love this home-made sticker!? Sprayed and all. So cute... In a weird way... (is that a... oh well!) :D

To finish I show you this slightly creepy peep-hole. It sat in a very old door. With some little door behind the hole. Mysterious...


  1. The winged robot and the cat are great! I like doors with little window and little doors, and doors that are in two halfs so you can open only the top half of the door...

  2. Yep! They are very nice. On Schier lots of houses have those split doors. :)

  3. I used to live in New York City where there was tons of street art. Where I live now there is not much of it. Thanks for your Bird's-eye views of art stickers and graffiti. The winged robot and cat are fun and funky.