Friday, 14 August 2009

Vehicle stickers, eyes, tools, arrows and something sweet

Today I show you some more funny and strange pics I made.

This one is really great!!! A cool sticker of an old type of tractor! Coloured, painted, spraypainted and all! Great fun.

Another vehicle, a car this time, going down-hill! Well, down the stairs anyway. The word beneath it says 'staircase'.

And I found some more 'eyes'. Just like the ones on the streetlight I showed before. Very funny and weird... These are stuck to an electicity-box (no idea what the regular word for it is in English). The text under it says (no surprise here): 'High voltage - Danger'.

More eyes. On a wall this time. Barely visible. Someone tried to cover it with a new paintjob, but was no expert painter. Markers always come through layers of paint unless you use a special base coating. Looks cool though. A face shimmering through the paint.

Very funny sticker of a Swiss army knive with strange 'tools' sticking out. I see a boot, a hand with flowers, a book and a megaphone...

And here are some more arrows... Where are they leading???

Isn't this sweet? On a bench on the far edge of town, with a great view over the meadows and in the last light of a setting sun... Lovely done... Wonder weither 'Mar' knows that 'Baz' loves her... I hope so!


  1. Hi Coco!

    We just came home from * and we've read your messages! G. says that she is almost addicted to her computer because of our blogs and our messages ;-)!!! You've changed your title field! Nice characters!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. And thanks for the link to the ladybug website! Lot's of information we like that!

  3. Thanx for the comments!
    Yep! Blogging can be very addictive.
    Be ware of overblogging!!! :P

  4. We saw some nice stickers but couldn't make the pictures, we'll do that next time when we're in Groningen by daylight!

  5. What's wrong with over blogging?? I love over blogging!!

  6. @Hammie -> very curious what kind of stickers! Can't wait to see them. :)

    @Found art -> overblogging can make your eyes go rectangular and cause serious mood-swings.
    And dehydration ofcourse. Or so I'm told... :D