Sunday, 9 August 2009


A few days ago we (Sullivan, me and our owners) went for a daytrip to the most beautiful isle of the Netherlands, Schiermonnikoog.

Here I enjoy the sun and the lovely view... Isn't it great!?

There wasn't much streetart, but I found this nice piece of driftwood. I love the shape and texture of it.

Just had to do that. :D


  1. Hello Coco!

    We just heard that our trip to Schiermonnikoog doesn't happen this week so we are a little sad, but we are happy to see your photos that way we still can be there a little bit in our mind. I think this driftwood is sea-art, that's only some characters different from streetart ;-)

  2. i like the driftwood's shape and texture too. thanks for posting coco...and i'm happy you're back to posting a bit!


    take care!

  3. Thanx for commenting!

    @Hammie -> Sad to hear that your trip doesn't happen... But Schier will be there for quite a while (I hope!)! You'll get there soon.
    Sea-art is a briljant name for stuff that washed up on the beach! I'll stick to that.

    @Eve -> Thanx! I try to post every now and than. After work my owner is often too tired to post or comment. But we keep trying!
    Is your computer back in shape again?