Sunday, 23 August 2009

On the road again!

Today my owner finished another project, nicely before the deadline.
So we could make a trip. And the four of us went walking. Making our favourite tour.
To Garnwerd! Usually there aren't that many Coco-like pics to make, but today I found some nice things to show.

Beautiful blue sky, white fluffy clouds (small!), yellow cornstubbles and... ME! :D

My beak fits nicely into this U on this signpost.

The 'Fietspomp' gang strikes again! On our trips we find these handmade stickers on several places far apart...
This one says 'Prof. Dr. Ing. Fietspomp' (Professor Doctor Engineer Bicyclepump)... Very weird! Can you say bicyclepump? Or should one use something else?

This one I like very much! Small roadsigns that had the same colour as my body! All along the route somebody had posted these signs. A kind of scavengerhunt?

On a part of the route we walked along a path where mostly cars race past. Sometimes that goes wrong...

Another pic of this broken mirror. Through the looking glass... 'Not with your head first dummy!!!' :D

In Garnwerd we were close to an old church. On the churchyard there were lots of tombstones. All too big for me. But this one is quite the size. To sit on, that is! Hope to stay here for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time!!! I think it is a sign for the firebrigade, where to find the places the hydrants are hidden.

Red feet on yellow rooftiles! Funny huh!?

Me! Head in the wind, flapping feathers. I love this weather!!! :)


  1. Looks like you had a fun time Coco. I really like that mirror...sad something bad may have happened...BUT the way I am, I prob would've taken the mirror. Just cuz it looks so cool & unique. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    Aren't we all living through the looking-glass??? ;)


  2. The little feet are funny! G. does that with her children at school sometimes to make the windows of the classroom less dull/bouring :-D!!

  3. OOps! But then with the HANDS ofcourse!!! :-)

  4. Feet pump that looks like!! Bicycle pump..... Foot pump I think they're called here. You use your foot to use the pump to blow air in the tyres? Foot pump.

  5. Hi!
    Thanx for your comments!

    @Eve - Yes! Through the looking-glass.
    I was temted to take it with me. But our house is already stuffed with loads of things. My workroom and the attic is full of stuff I think might be useable one day. :)

    @Hammie - I thought you would like them! They are red! :D Making them with your feet must be fun as well. Hihi!

    @Found art - Thanx! But with the typical Dutch pump for inflating bicycletires you have to use your hands and one foot. Anyway, you get the idea! :)