Monday, 17 August 2009

Beautiful evening colours, a sign, wood, light, killer-cow and Pieterpad

Hi! Today I will show not so much things of the 'objet-trouvé' kind.
I have some nice pics of the walk we made yesterday and some pics for Hammie.

Yesterday we made a lovely walk in the last rays of day. Very nice colours! We found this sign, I really liked it! So warm! They make me stand out very well! Vain? Me?? No way!... (or am I...)

The sign again. It shows a cute dog-pic. Looks like Bibi after shaving! Don't you think Eve? :D

Had to climb it!

On top! Nice view into the sunset... Hmmm...

Next to the sign there was a wooden bridge. I love the patern of wood. Specially when it is withered and green with algae. Great texture.

And here is the pic Sullivan talked about: The 'Killer-cow'! Very scary! Man she was very loud and definitely up to no good! Frightning... We were very lucky that there was a fence. Otherwise she might have eaten us alive! Specially me, for I'm greenish... Brrr!

A bit further there was this lil village... Actually it's just three farms. But at the entrance of one of them there are these weird porchlights. And the sun was shining through. So beautiful...

And these last three pics are for you Hammie! I read that you and your owner are walking the Pieterpad (St.Peter path -> From the village of Pieterburen in the North to the Pietersberg in the south of the Netherlands). A very nice route! It almost comes through our street. This picture shows the path crossing our street. See if you can recognize this place if you pass it!?

If you go out on the route, you shouldn't go this way...

But this way!!! It will be very hard to find these two places. Hint: it's very near to water, close to a bridge and not far from Groningen. See if you succeed! :)


  1. Hi Coco. I really enjoyed your post. OMY, that cow DOES look scary! You are lucky he didn't attack you...(sigh of relief)

    Aww, thanks! Yes it does look like Bibi after her haircut! :)

    Take care~

  2. Oh and BTW: I like your comments thing. "Your comments feed my blog." I need to find one of those for my blog. Did your owner make that Coco? Either way, it's a pretty sweet picture & saying!

  3. Hi Eve! Thanx for the comments. I really like the 'Feed my blog' octopus. Didn't make it myself. But I am thinking of making a few. The pic has a link to the site where it came from. There are several others to choose from. All very nice, different pics, colours and languages.

  4. Hi again Coco. I just read your previous post and aww, thank you for saying my blog's layout inspired you (I honestly didn't do much!).

    Yes, you should make some comment pics, I'm sure they would look great.

    Thank you for telling me about SOB...I borrowed one of the pics. I hope you don't it was so sweet...and I've wanted one for a while for my Looking-Glass.

    Take care & thanks again!~

  5. Wow! Pictures for me! We do Winsum- Groningen next time, we'll have a good look to find the pictures and make the same pictures but then with me on them! Thank you! We don't have a plan for the path, we'll go when we have time and when the weather is good...

  6. And compared to that cow I prefer the zombie chickens...

  7. @Eve -> The SoB pic looks great! :D

    @Hammie -> Very curious to see if you will find them. Don't forget to look back when you go forward.
    And by the way, the Killer-cow is on that same route!!!

  8. That was a Very Scarey Cow!! He was more scarey than the Monster I met last week!!