Thursday, 13 August 2009

A face, a flag, an arrow, nice view and a tile (again!)

Yesterday my owner finished one of his work-projects, so today I gently pressed him to relax a bit and spend some quality-time with his favourite bird. Me, that is!
We went for a short tour through the town and took a lot of new pics.
Here are a few of them.

First we found this face. Someone painted it on paper and stuck it to the wall. It really stood out against the blue sky. Briljant work!

I really like this one. The way the woman stands is nicely done I think. I guess it is done by some antifa movement. They use the red and black anarchists flag.

In several places I saw this arrow... What is it for? They are quite new. I'll show you more another day.

Such a nice view. Sun, clouds, and a motorway flyover in contrast!

Here is another one of that tile I posted before! It says: "Drinking halves your life, but you see twice as much" Funny!

Another pic of the tile, together with the toiletroll.


  1. Oh!! I have another relative!! I'm SOOO excited!!! I love finding relatives!!

  2. Hello Coco!

    Nice pictures.I think the girl with the flag is the best but the first one is beatufull too! I really like the idea of the "Delft blue" tiles. It's a "Loesje kind of" of "Delft Blue";-)

  3. Almost forgotten:

    Thank you for the award! I'm really proud now, never have recieved one before! Will put it in my blog soon, but don't know others to give it to, because you and Sullivan allready got one...

  4. Thanx for the comments!

    @Found art: Hi Beanie! I found you through Hammie's blog. Nice to meet more of us. :D

    @Hammie: The tile thing is very nice indeed. Hope there will be more versions of it. Wonder what the toiletroll is for... Hmmm...
    I am happy that you like the award. No need to pass it on (immediately). Chickens are fun! (Even when their heads bob a bit from side to side and they look at your head in a strange way...) :D