Saturday, 15 August 2009

Fishliver oil, arrows (final), two birds, roadsign and a flower

More strange stuff today. There are so many good things to see when you start looking around!

Like this one. A sticker with a kids wobbly thing, the text saying 'Fishliveroil' (for the site - a site reviewing all kinds of things).

And the last pic in the arrows section. I found out where they were pointing to! It happened to be a trail leading to a students fraternity. Not for birds like me... But a fun way to make people curious!

This little bird (is it a pigeon?) was one of many. They were all over the place. Bringing peace? Or just having fun. :)

This giant bird I found on a large industrial and business area where my owner had a meeting. In some way I like it... Reminds me of art that was all over the place on buildings made from the sixties onward. It makes an impression anyway.

And than this roadsign. Lovely! Pointing to... uhm... 'c'? Or has c to go that way? Or what?

And last but not least, an angry flower! No idea why it is there or what it is for. But I like it!!!


  1. Wow!
    So happy that you told us where the arrows ended, we allways have to know how things end, specially movies! Thought about the art of the sixties too when I saw the bird art on the wall! The little bird looks like a pigeon, hope they realy bring peace...
    We are going to Groningen friday but that will be at Noorderzon so I don't think that I can take a picture of the stickers I saw, but as you surely have noticed, we go to Groningen very often so it won't take long to show them to you ;-) I'll check if you allready got them on your blog first! We see the "kids wobbly thing" every day when we go to work, we've got some on our school's playground... One of these days I'll ask if I can play on them...

  2. Yes, it's always good to know how things end. Otherwise you keep on wondering and thinking. Makes you go crazy!
    I think we go to Noorderzon one of these days too. Depending on the working hours of our owners. -sigh-
    You make me more and more curious!
    Can't wait to see what pics you will make.
    Have fun on the playground!

  3. We found a new streetart bird for you today...
    And a lot of arrows!!!
    Don't work to hard, otherwise ypu'll both be to tired to go to Noorderzon ;-)... If you should be there friday evening as well, don't be afraid to say hello to us, I'm sure you'll see that it is G. with all her red cloths... I'll be there too!

  4. Hi Coco! First I have to say I really LOVE your header...very cool.

    Second, great pics...I'm glad your owner is able to take you around a bit more lately. I was missing your posts...but I completely understand. (As I take 'time off' sometimes too!)

    I really like those ARROWS...they would make someone curious.

    Take care~Eve

  5. Hello! If you'd like me to lose some art in your letterbox, you can always email me your postal address...??

  6. Thanx for the comments!

    @Found art -> I would love lost art in my letterbox! My e-mail address is Mybe you could mail me, than I can return the mail including my postal address. :D

    @Eve -> Thanx! I felt like doin a bit of redecorating. Your sites really inspired me. Mine felt a bit... uhm... boring. Now there is a bit more 'xtra'! There will be more arrows shortly.

    @Hammie -> I really enjoyed the Pieterpad post! I thought I had already left a comment, but I didn't! To much work today... :P
    The bird and the arrows are very nice. But beware of those crates! There could be zombie-fish inside!!! :D
    If we go to Noorderzon on friday we will look out for the lady in red! (Hmmm... wasn't that some 80's song?...)