Monday, 3 August 2009

Yadayada 3 and a weird tile...

Hi everybody!
Today I present you with two new pieces of streetart. An unclear sticker and a (spray)painted item, which isn't very clear either...
Here they are:

On a rainpipe I saw this nicely formed sticker. But what does it say??? 'Blobby blub 3' I guess... Any suggestions? And what is it for? Just a tag?...

This funny tile I encountered not far away from the spraypainted toiletroll I posted earlier. It looks like a traditional Dutch 'Delfts blauw' (Blue from the town Delft) tile. But it isn't very readable... Okay, I'll try to read: 'Drinken blur (verwoest?) je leven, maar je ziet smear blur (no clue)'. That means as much as 'Drinking ruins your life but you see ...'. But what is it you see when you drink? Pink elephants? Critters and vermin? I dunno... Weird! :D


  1. Hello Coco!

    Today we saw something that made us thinking of you and your pictures and we made a "Coco kind off" picture specially for you!

    See you!


  2. Yaaaaaaaay!
    I saw the great 'Nijntje' picture on your blog. Thanks a lot! Its very nice.