Saturday, 29 August 2009

Various things I found last couple of weeks

In this post I want to show some of the stuff I found in the time before my owner got entranched in loads of work (hereby my apologies to all of the people I follow and that follow me for not posting or commenting - long workdays behind the screen take away the energy to blog - Eric, Coco's owner).

The stuff is quite diverse.
Anyway, here we go!

Here I stand in front of a funny wall. It's entirely made out of glass blocks. I like the colour and shape. Must be nice inside when the sun shines through.

Giant cheeseslicer (cheesegrater?) on the front of a shop. Nice spraypainted art! :D

Strong icon. Some womens movement thing. Not for me, but I like the shape.

'The Crowbar' - a Rock-n-roll pub for motorcycle fans - nice wordjoke! I missed the tools though...

Here someone really didn't want to get any spam or junkmail anymore! On the sticker it says: 'Geen ongeadresseerde handelsreclame' (No unaddresses junkmail). :D

More tools! Nicely done!

Strange word: 'Frats' - In Dutch it doesn't mean anything. But it sounds funny.

Beautiful weathered texture... Hmmm...

I always admire the will and energy to grow in plants. Nature reclaims the city! A plant growing on the wall.

More green stuff (algae?) covering and slowly digesting the stones and morter of the buidings it clings to.

Loads of texture here.


  1. Hello Coco! Lovely wallpaper on your blog! Haven't I seen that in red last time when I looked somewhere else?? ;-)
    Love your pictures, specialy the kaasschaaf and the other tools. G. always looks at little brave plants that reclaim their place in the street too.
    I think that "frats" is a word of the dialect of Groningen it means "strange/silly thing that someone does.
    You don't have to apologise for don't having time to post, don't we have the saying "better late then never"?
    Enjoy your well deserved free time!

  2. i love that plant growing between the cracks of the wall. yes it is amazing how nature how such a strong will! love seeing that stuff myself.

    ooo, i really love the wall of glass. it would look really nice when the sun is shining on it...or through it.

    good post coco! take it easy and hope your week isn't too stressful...for both you & your owner!


  3. Those glass squares remind me of Tottenham Court Road subway stop in London - it's entirely covered in mosaics! I've posted pictures here (look under the "trip" label if you have time) with pictures of those

  4. Hi!
    Thanx for the nice comments!
    @Hammie - Lovely wallpaper isn't it!?! Yes, it is the same one as the one on, the site my owner posts his work, but I really like it. And it makes my site yet another bit less dull. I think. :)
    I talked with Sullivan and our owners about the word 'frats' and we know it only in plural. In the saying 'rare fratsen'(silly shenanigans), the same as in the regional dialect. Funny!
    And thanx for understanding! :D

    @Eve - It's great to see the constant attempts nature makes in desolving culture. All will return to basic matter=energy. Lovely!

    @Found-art - Thanx! I will try to find the pics. You didn't post the link though... But google will find some! :)
    Did you mean these mosaics?